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Releases & remixes on Freerange, Rebirth, Pets, Tokyodawn, Atjazz Record Company, Exceptional, SLS, Hollow
Born & based In Gothenburg, Sweden

COMING UP in February 2011 : Leslie’s Vision EP Feat. Filip Leyman on Room With A View

Appears on Art Of Tones Presents My View Of The Room / First compilation of the serie compiled by AOT / Released in August 2010
Appears on Dairmount Presents Perspectives 02 / Compilation of exclusive material of Honesty, Jimpster, Art Of Tones and others
Contains the exclusive Jazz Lapse track / Released in July 2009

Andreas Saag aka Swell Session is considered to be one of Scandinavia’s top producers in the house and club jazz scene.
This young mans musical mission is to blend all genres of house, techno, jazz, soul, and club music and provide it under one alias or another, whether it be soulful techno, a house remix of a big band tune or a straight-up jazz ballad. Or something in between……

As Andreas puts it: “I want music to have a purpose other than just being a track, whether it’s a love song with lyrics that makes you want to cry or just a mad, danceable track that makes people smile in a club”
After releasing singles like ‘Music in her Eyes’, ‘Gone’ and ‘Let me Decide’ on Swedish label Hollow Recordings he joined Freerange (as Stateless) and Swedish label SLS as Andreas Saag.
Both the jazz flavoured techno singles ‘Jazz Lesson’ and ‘Latin Lesson’ on SLS and the pioneering nu jazz classic Stateless album ‘Art Of No State’ on Freerange were well received around world. While tracks ‘Tristeza’ and ‘Get It On’ were played by the likes of Carl Cox and Laurent Garnier it was singles such as ‘Falling Into’ and ‘Leave Me Now’ from the Stateless album that were grabbing the ears of the likes of Gilles Peterson and the Bugz crew.

During this time Andreas was also busy doing remixes for acts like Ennio Morricone, Jimpster and London Elektricity. His remix of Susumu Yokota’s ‘King of Darkness’ was a big hit on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide and his re:jazz remix of Soul Patrol’s ‘Release your mind’ rocked dance floors throughout 2004. He also produced tracks on Ernesto’s Japan exclusive album “Find the form” which has been a huge success on Columbia. Andreas is the mastermind behind the music and has been making music since early childhood. He was influenced by his father’s love of electronic music. Artists such as Brian Eno and 60’s soundtrack experimentalist David Axelrod inspired Andreas to create progressive and original tracks. Another major influence is jazz legend Herbie Hancock, who motivated Andreas to master improvisation skills on his first instrument, the keyboard. Andreas started playing the piano at the tender age of six and discovered techno and other experimental music when he was just 14.

In 2007 the first Swell Session album “Swell Communications” was released on Freerange with contributions from such luminaries as Mr Scruff, Seiji, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Sleepwalker, Jimpster, Simbad and Domu. At the moment Andreas is focused on deep house and techno although with the mission of spicing it up with live soulful and jazzy elements. EP’s are planned on Freerange as well as Room with a view where his track Jazz Lapse has already created quite a buzz when it appeared on the compilation “Perspectives 02”. There are also rumours about some bootlegs coming out soon as well as deephouse/dubstep experiments with Milton Jackson.

But 2009 is most of all going to be about returning to the live scene, a quite extraordinary live/DJ/vocals/keyboard combo has seen the light of day. Andreas Saag + Ernesto sound system is two young men and their love for playing house music, creating a dance floor and communicating with the audience. Ernesto preaches his message of love on the mic while Andreas backs him up on decks, keys and fx. The performance is somewhere between a live gig and a DJ/vocal set, and the idea is to play to a dancing crowd – like a normal DJ set – but also to let things turn to the unexpected with improvisation and live elements seamlessly exploring the sound throughout the night. The boys have a long history of performing live together, both with a full band and as a duo. Although often booked as a laid back bar duo they often found themselves stealing some limelight from the DJ later in the evenings. The new live act is about taking it all the way to the dance floor and further defining these jams, making it even more live, building on the spontaneous musical connection that has always been between them.
So turn down the lights, allow just a few shallow spots on the guys on stage, follow the rhythm of the drum, that’s always a good start, and allow yourself to be intoxicated with the Andreas Saag + Ernesto sound system as they take you on the deepest of astral house journeys.

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