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Releases & remixes on Mood Music, Misericord, Playhouse, Crack & Speed, MBF, Bearfunk, Saw, Compost, FCom, Deeplay Soultec
Born in Turku, Finland / Based in Berlin, Germany

Appears on Art Of Tones Presents My View Of The Room / First compilation of the serie compiled by AOT / Contains the &ME remix of Sasse’s One For Oscar / Released in August 2010
Sasse Presents One For Oscar EP / First Ep on RWAV including remixes by Paskal & &ME / Released in June 2010
Appears on Dairmount Presents Retroperspective / Compilation of remixes of the label / Contains the Sasse remix of Petter & Dairmount’s Subakuatik Blues / out in january 2010
Appears on Dairmount Presents Perspectives 03 / Compilation of exclusive material of MCDE, Sasse, Art Of Tones and others
Contains the Sasse’s Lake Michigan track / Released in October 2009
Appears on Petter & Dairmount’s Subakuatik Blues EP / Including remixes by Russ Gabriel & Sasse / Released in may 09
Appears on Dairmount Presents Perspectives 01 / Compilation of exclusive material of Abacus, Marlow and others
Contains Sasse’s Dub of Petter & Dairmount’s Subakuatik Blues/ Released in April 2009

*Available for RWAV label nights only / Courtesy of Backroom Entertainment*

Born in Finland in 1973, Klas Lindblad has been djing since the end of the 80s, dwelling first thru pop music and eventually finding electronic music in the early 90s. He was running one of the first house clubs in Turku, Finland from 92-96 and was a regular guest at the major parties in the Finnish electronic scene. At this time he also started to work on production and soon the first releases came out on Sähkö/Puu as Freestyle Man. His early work has been considered a milestone in the Scandinavian house sound and the original 12-inches are still very much sought after.

In 1996 he started Moodmusic with the first release, “Sasse Presents…”, a 4 track EP with influences from NYC and Detroit house. Instantly creating a havoc on European dance floors, the following releases put Moodmusic on the map of recognized house labels with the distinctive sound and top-notch A&R abilities of Sasse and his close-circuit artist roster. Fast forward to 1999 and Sasse leaves Finland for Frankfurt am Main to start a residency at the famous Robert Johnson club. He is running his highly successful “Finnish First“ nights there from 2000 – 2003 after which he decides to move to Berlin.

The early releases from Henrik Schwarz on Moodmusic culminates in 2003 with the birth of Sunday Music, a musical platform for Sasse and Henrik productions. At the same time Sasse started Must! Records for more obscure disco, italo and chicagohouse edits.
In 2005 he builds his beloved BlackHead Studios in Prenzlauer Berg with companions Ewan Pearson and Filippo “Naughty” Moscatello and starts to work on his first artist album. The album “Made Within The Upper Stair Of Heaven” is released on Moodmusic in 2006 to critical acclaim and the singles, “Soul Sounds”, “Loosing Touch” (featuring the distinctive vocals of Kiki) and “Up To You” makes waves on dance floors around the globe.

In 2007 a special collaboration called “It’s All True” between Tracey Thorn and the production team of Sasse, Darshan Jesrani and Ewan Pearson was featured on Tracey’s last album, “Out Of The Woods”. The single release featured remixes from Martin Buttrich, Kris Menace and Escort and was one of the summer tunes of 2007. During the week Sasse is nailed on his studio chair working under one of his many pseudonyms but starting on Friday he transforms into his first love, the djing. Over the last 5 years, the success of his productions and remixes brought him to nearly all-good House-clubs worldwide. Doing his bi-monthly residencies at Berghain/Panorama Bar and Weekend he keeps the Berlin club land busy.

He has just finished his 2nd studio album called “Toinen” ( “second” in Finnish) which will see the day of light in October 2008 on Moodmusic. He’s also currently remixing Nortern Lite, Jori Hulkkonen, Garnica and Phonogenic and working on a Freestyle Man album from Hairy Claw.

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His own Moodmusic imprint