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Roskow started in 1983 with breakdance touched by the big media wave of hip hop from the states. he formed with his best friend & school mate Dizzy Dee / Zappo and two other guys the Empire State Breakers /ESB Rocker. Discovering at this times that radio-dj Barry Graves was playing the Latin Rascals Mega Mixes, Red Alert Radio Shows and Paco’s Supermixes on german radio at his “Studio 89″, he started to tape all these american radio shows. Very impressed and inspired by this totally new music, which was called “Electro” & “Rap” & “boogie” he started to do edits with his tape deck and a small monacor mixer.

In ´85 / ´86 shortly after he started to write his first own rhymes and lyrics at school, he met DJ Derezon. with him he formed the hip hop group first called T.R. Sounds and then Rock Da Most. together they did a lot of live shows in germany and europe and get a good name in the german underground hip hop szene. to start writing and composing on their own music, was a logically step to do.
In 1988 the recordings for their first Rock Da Most EP “use the posse” on Imperial Nation Records were done in the berlin White Wedding Studio. not long after these recordings MC Blacky & DJ Run X Kid completed Rock Da Most until they broke up in 1990.
Together with Derezon & Run X Kid he formed the label Juiceful Records in 1992 with a lot of releases over the next 3 years like Islamic Force, Cheeba Garden, Jucieful Jazz etc. In these times he already produced a lot for different projects: Young Guns, A Real Dope Thing, Spax, Generated X-ed… Getting very tired about the hip hop-music production-dogmas at these times, his search for black music samples turned over into a love to old jazz, funk and soul music, discovering that there is a much more complex musically world outside with all it´s genres, styles and grooves.

Going very often at these times to the Delicious Doughnuts Club in berlin he met a lot of musicians, club music dj´s, of course the dj´s Alex Barck, Jürgen von Knoblauch and Claas Brieler, which were djing at the club weekly. This mixture of old and new music, music between all genres, inspired him to start with his trip hop fusion project Kosma. Shortly after the release of Kosma and the first Delicious Doughnuts Compilation Vol.1 that he produced, he sticked together with Axel & Stefan of Extended Spirit to push productions skills further. Nearly by accident they start to produce tracks for the 2nd Doughnuts Compilation together with Alex, Jürgen and Claas. The rest is history & Jazzanova was born. Besides this, Roskow formed the project Forum & Intega with his mate Matti Hellwig who is an old school-mate of Alex Barck. they put out a lot of break beat, two step and speed garage inspired remixes and a few originals.

In 2005 he started to release under his old graffiti alter ego Sygaire, where he puts out a mixture of boogie, electro, hip hop, soul, funk, afro, cuban, caribbean inspired clubmusic and he recorded for different labels like Sonorama, The World Is My Oyster, Bureau B as a compiler for old undiscovered musical treasures. Since beginning of 2009 roskow has opened with his new studio-partner oliver haertel an audio & recording service-studio called

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Sygaire’s Mono:poly EP is OUT NOW in primary record stores
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Sygaire’s Mono:poly EP is OUT NOW in primary digital stores
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